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Noel-Baker Sixth Form and Derby College offers a variety of further education courses including AS/A Levels and vocational B-Tec qualifications. Academy players can choose any of the courses offered at Derby College or Noel-Baker Sixth Form.


For more specific information about Noel-Baker or Derby College click on the tabs underneath the Education tab.


Training, games and all other basketball Academy activities will be arranged around the player’s academic timetable.


Education comes first! Student progress will be closely monitored. If a player is behind or struggling in their studies coaches will seek solutions. Help and support is available if required. Poor effort levels or attendance is likely to result in suspension from training and games. Poor behaviour in class or around campus is not acceptable either. This will result in disciplinary action that may include suspension from training and games too.


We are also one of the few instituations in the UK that offer the elite sports qualification AASE, in Basketball. The same course that athletes such as Tom Daly and Rebecca Adlington completed is proven to provide top sportsmen and women the edge against the rest. For more information about AASE click on the tab under Education.





Education at the Basketball Academy