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Students from countries across the globe are able to access all courses at Noel-Baker School or Derby College. Students may take any course that meets their needs although some courses might have a minimum entry requirement and you may need to get your grade transcripts from your school translated into UK grades.


At Derby College we offer a variety of English Courses for those wishing to develop their English skills including our ESOL course (English for Speakers of Other Languages) which is delivered from a complete beginner level to the equivalent of a GCSE A-C level.

Housing options vary for our oversees Academy students and the cost will vary depending on the option taken.


We have host familes, single room lodger arrangements and private rented accomadation. The price will vary from £250-500 per month.

For students from the European Union, under the age of 19 there are no tuitiion fees. Education is FREE.


For students outside the EU the cost will vary depending on the chosen course but will be between £2000 and £6000 per year.

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